Discover Your APEX Abilities, Principles, and EXperience This is your unique, winning set. When the direction seems unclear or insecurity arises, remember that if you don't apply your combination to the challenge, maybe no one else can.

Discover your APEX

At some point or many points during the creative process, a small voice will ask you “Why me?” This is your answer.

Your APEX is your unique, winning set.

  • Abilities: the skills and talents you’ve nurtured
  • Principles: the values, beliefs, and ethics that guide you
  • EXperience: the moments you’ve lived, accomplishments you’ve celebrated, and challenges you’ve overcame

It’s unlikely that any person has the same set of abilities, principles, and experience. It’s extremely rare that they are applying it to the same challenge in the same way. When insecurity arises, remember that if you don’t apply your unique combination to this issue, maybe no one else can or will.

Let the gaps in your APEX keep you humble and curious. What abilities, principles, and experiences are you missing? How can you find advisors and collaborators with other sets to build a mountain range of diverse perspectives?

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