Sheba Rivera

Service Designer & Strategist

Dedicated to partnering with communities and stakeholders to design effective solutions to complex problems. Passionate about community co-creation and data-driven governance. A life-long student of system thinking.

Design at the Roots

Designing programs, policies, and strategies from community needs and perspectives


Service Prototyping:

Testing a Service Like a Recipe

Featured Social Innovation Consulting Projects

Equity-focused contracting

Advised the Washington State Department of Children, Youth, and Families through an agency-wide outcomes contracting transition, connecting decision points with family and service provider perspectives to strengthen partnerships and advance racial equity over 1,200 contracts and $1 billion in spending.

Cross-sector partnerships

Built a $12 million partnership, geared towards community responsiveness and funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce Good Jobs Challenge, between public agencies, businesses, and nonprofits in rural Texas placing hundreds of women, immigrants, and other marginalized jobseekers into high-quality jobs.

Shaping strategies

Convened peer-learning communities and designed strategies for hundreds of U.S. Department of Labor grantees to better recruit and cultivate diverse workforces for good jobs, empowering productive partnerships between public agencies, businesses, and nonprofits.

Insight to action

Mapped stakeholder perspectives and community experiences to design a U.S. mid-west diversion hub serving 1600+ residents per year.

Community co-creation

Collaborated with 275 stakeholders, from problem to prototype, to design and implement 4 new programs.

Strategic visioning

Facilitated the data-driven redesign of a Guatemala community health worker program.

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